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Our Values

Customer Partnership

Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for success. We delight our customers through a comprehensive range of financial services that are personalised, fast, reliable, convenient, quality-driven, and yet cost-effective.


Business integrity is a way of life for us. We strongly stand by integrity in all our dealings and ensure strict adherence to the highest standards of business ethics.

Passion for Excellence

Our passion for excellence is instrumental in positioning Srei as the most innovative infrastructure solutions provider in India.

Respect for People

We believe that people are our most valuable assets, and we reward excellence and initiative. We provide our people the best possible work environment and treat them like family members.

Stakeholder Value Enhancement

We are committed to earning the trust and confidence of all stakeholders. Our growth focus and the ability to constantly enlarge our product basket while controlling risk and reducing the cost of services has resulted in enhanced value for stakeholders.

Professional Entrepreneurship

With over two decades of experience, we offer in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure financing business in India. Our spirit of entrepreneurship enables us to overcome obstacles and complexities with professional expertise.